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Tips to Entertain at Home This Summer

Tips to Entertain at Home This Summer 

As the summer season unfolds, we eagerly seek new ways to enjoy unique entertaining activities at home. Oshawa, Niagara, and Wasaga Beach offer more than just beautiful Lancaster Homes sites – they are also home to great local businesses that offer unique products and services, allowing you to create unforgettable moments with your friends and family. Get ready to elevate your at-home entertainment experiences and make this summer truly memorable! 


Unleash Your Creativity at Home 

Looking for a fun and entertaining way to connect with your creative side in Oshawa? Host a memorable paint night experience with the Paint Diva in the comfort of your own home. No experience is necessary, and all the necessary supplies are provided for you and your friends to paint your own masterpieces. All you need to do is pick the date, time and either select a painting from the diverse gallery offered or reach out to the Paint Diva with a unique idea you have in mind! From setting up to guiding you through each step and even taking care of clean-up, the Paint Diva ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience. Please note that a minimum of six attendees is required for private parties 


Indulge in Relaxation 

Transform your home into a haven of relaxation and self-care with the luxurious mobile spa services offered by Lubu Mobile Spa in Oshawa. Indulge in a pampering experience without stepping outside your door. Lubu Mobile Spa provides a wide range of services, including soothing massages, rejuvenating facials, and exquisite manicures and pedicures. Their skilled team of professionals will bring the spa experience directly to you, ensuring you have everything you need for a blissful escape. Treat yourself to a well-deserved spa day or gather your friends for a spa party. With Lubu Mobile Spa, you can enjoy the ultimate pampering session in the comfort and convenience of your own home so sit back, relax, and let the cares of the world melt away. 


Transform Your Backyard Into a Theatre 

Turn your backyard into a captivating outdoor cinema and create unforgettable memories with a backyard movie night. Create a cozy seating area with plush blankets, cushions, and an abundance of delicious snacks to set the stage for an immersive evening. Whether you’re planning a movie night, a sporting event viewing, or even an exciting video game session, you can rent an impressive 12’ screen from Big Screen Events, servicing all of Ontario. A backyard movie night is the perfect way to create lasting memories with family and friends and to enjoy the enchantment of cinema in a unique and intimate setting.  


Host a Sophisticated Wine Tasting 

Elevate your at-home entertaining with a wine tasting party featuring the finest wines from renowned wineries in the Niagara region such as Peller Estates or Jackson-Triggs. Create a stylish tasting station, complete with wine glasses, tasting notes, and delectable charcuterie boards and invite your friends to join you on a flavourful journey, exploring the nuances of these exceptional wines. For a fun twist, consider a blind tasting, with the bottles wrapped in paper, hiding their identity. Just make sure that once you’ve wrapped the bottles, you have labeled them clearly. Encourage your guests to write down their favourites or even guess the winery and price. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or new to wine tasting, a home wine tasting party is a sophisticated and memorable way to bond, learn, and savor the art of winemaking.  


Outdoor Dining Delights 


Enhance your outdoor dining experience with a touch of luxury by indulging in chef-prepared outdoor picnics. Sit back, relax, and let the culinary experts at Picnix in Niagara curate bespoke picnic baskets filled with delectable seasonal and local treats as well as reusable dining ware. You can even rent umbrellas, picnic blankets, portable chairs and cushions, and outdoor games like bocce ball 

Choose a picturesque spot in nature, whether it’s a park, a beach, or your own backyard, and immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings while enjoying the picnic basket filled with gastronomic delights. Whether you’re planning a romantic date or a gathering with friends and family, these outdoor picnics provide a memorable dining experience. Bask in the warm sunshine, relish in the fresh air, and create lasting memories as you enjoy the culinary creations prepared by talented chefs. 


Ignite Your Competitive Spirit  

Gather your friends and family for an unforgettable game night filled with fun, laughter, and friendly competition. Transform your living room into a gaming oasis as you set the stage for an evening of excitement and bonding. Whether you prefer classic board games, strategic card games, or exhilarating video games, make a visit to Mind Games in Georgian Mall, just a short drive from Wasaga Beach, where you can find something for everyone to enjoy. 

As the games commence, watch as the room fills with laughter, playful banter, and moments of friendly rivalry. Don’t forget to prepare a selection of crowd-pleasing treats and beverages to keep everyone fueled and energized throughout the night. Create lasting memories as you cheer each other on, celebrate victories, and support one another through the defeats. 


Rock the House with Karaoke and Dance 

Unleash your inner superstar and dance the night away by hosting an epic karaoke dance party in the comfort of your own home. Transform your living room into a vibrant dance floor, complete with dazzling lights and turn your home into a party hotspot. Invite your friends and family to join in the excitement as you take turns belting out your favorite tunes and showcasing your dance moves. From classic hits to current chart-toppers, create a playlist that will keep everyone grooving throughout the night. If creating a playlist is not your thing, Wasaga Beach DJ can help make the party happen and even provide a karaoke machine to complete the fun. Encourage guests to dress up in their finest stage attire and provide props like feather boas, and sunglasses to add an extra touch of glam to the party. As the music pumps and the karaoke performances ignite the room, watch as your living room transforms into a stage filled with laughter, applause, and infectious enthusiasm.  


So don’t let a lack of travel plans hinder your enjoyment this summer. Turn your home into an entertaining haven and make the most of the season by discover the exceptional local businesses in Oshawa, Niagara, and Wasaga that can elevate your at-home experiences. Embrace the warmth and joy of the season, create cherished memories, and ensure that this summer is one you’ll never forget