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Lancaster Homes is committed to taking the responsible and necessary precautionary measures to protect the health and well-being of our employees, customers and other stakeholders. As a result we are open for appointments.

For more information please contact our sales representatives:

Pine River: Jill Monaghan & Leslie Colwell
+1 647-629-5876

Simcoe Landing: Sandy Simpson & Sue Booth
+1 905-656-1012

Lyon's Creek: Carmela D'Amico & Joshua Dykopf
+1 289-296-5830

The Lancaster Homes Advantage

At Lancaster Homes, we work hard to deliver your new home with best in class quality, value, and experience. Our reputation as a premiere architecturally designed home builder has grown steadily over the years; built on a solid foundation of our key Lancaster Homes Advantages.

Our Design Advantage

When you walk in to a Lancaster Homes home you can’t help but smile. It is something that makes us extremely proud and something we’ve worked hard to achieve. We put a lot of thought and effort in to the design of each of our homes and it shows.

Distinctive Differences

At Lancaster Homes the design difference is evident from the moment you arrive at one of our outstanding communities. There’s a distinct feeling of warmth and belonging that comes from the harmonious blending of architectural style of the surroundings. Streetscapes are more naturally attractive because of the level of detail that has been lavished on our homes. The end result is the creation of a real neighbourhood that you’ll want to get out and enjoy with family and friends.

Spacious Interiors & Natural Light

From our inviting front porches and spacious open-concept interiors with large energy efficient windows that fill your life with natural light, to bedrooms designed to accommodate busy and expanding families; you can rest assured that the Lancaster Homes Design Advantage is your advantage.

Lancaster Homes Advantage Dining Room

Our Satisfaction Advantage

At Lancaster Homes we envision ourselves as more than a builder of innovative new homes in Ontario, but as a company dedicated to fulfilling the dream of friendly neighbourhood homeownership for today’s families. We are truly humbled and grateful to our Ontario homeowners for giving us the opportunity and responsibility of turning their dream into a beautiful reality.

It’s All About You

We know that it’s all about you, the homeowner. That is why Lancaster Homes has a Customer Care team dedicated to after sales service which is devoted to supporting homeowners as you settle into your newly built home. From providing home maintenance recommendations to reminding homeowners of their rights under Tarion’s Statutory Warranty, Lancaster Homes’ Customer Care team is there to ensure you make the best of your new home.

Your Feedback & Satisfaction is Important

Lancaster Homes is committed to building your dream home and, to help us ensure you are delighted with your home buying experience, we have joined forces with Avid Ratings, an independent research firm providing surveys, consulting and training exclusively to the home building industry. Each of our homeowners is invited to respond to questions, providing an opportunity to provide honest and timely feedback about our processes, products and service.

Our Commitment Advantage

Lancaster Homes has a long history of build quality homes in Ontario and a commitment to the continued betterment of the home build industry.  We act in good faith in our dealings with customers, our employees, our suppliers, and government regulatory agencies.

Industry Responsibility

Lancaster Homes Inc. is a long time member in good standing of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association. We work hard to better our industry and to assert social, environmental and economic responsibilities in support of our customers while building the finest residential homes.

Fair & Straightforward Dealings

Most importantly, we believe in plain language contracts and up-front disclosures; ensuring transparency with our customers, and providing a full commitment on obligations with the customers, employees, suppliers and purchasers with whom we do business. Without our integrity we would not have become the successful and valued new home builder that we are today.

The Lancaster Advantage Commitment

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