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Tips for Moving to a New Neighbourhood

Moving to a new place and a new home is an exciting prospect for any new homeowner. There are many things to prepare to get organized before a big move and even more to consider in terms of preparing to live in a new location. Ensuring your new neighbourhood is right for you will help you to feel settled and ensure the local amenities and services are perfect for your lifestyle. In this blog, we explore the top tips for relocating to a new community and how you can feel more at ease in your new home. 

1. Find and research your new city, town and neighbourhood

When moving to a new place, finding your ideal neighbourhood is important. Your first step is to consider your options—whether your new locale is close to work, family or simply your dream living destination. Does your new city or town have a lot of amenities that work for your lifestyle? How close is the nearest grocery store, hospital or school? Are there parks and greenspace? What’s the walk-score? Lastly, what are the housing prices like? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll find it easier to make a decision and settle on your new location. 


2. Get to Know Your Neighbours 

Once you’ve decided on the where and what and you’ve completed your move, one of the first things you can do to make you feel more at ease in your new neighbourhood is introducing yourself to your immediate neighbours. After relocating, there’s a lot to do and consider so meeting the neighbours can often fall to the wayside. Knock on their front door, spot them in their driveway and introduce yourself. Knowing the neighbours creates a better environment and opens communication. You can develop a helpful dynamic and ask them questions about your neighbourhood to aid you in you settling in. This brings us to… 


3. Exploring your nearby areas to get familiar 

Once you’ve settled into your new house or condo, it’s time to explore the area! The best way to do this is by walking (if possible). You’ll be able to experience firsthand how close the nearest park is and where the nearest main road is. If you’re driving around town, you can determine where to shop for food and supplies. Another way to familiarize yourself with your surroundings is to research your local city or town online. You’ll be able to find the nearest community centre, clubs and programs. 


4. Engage with Your New Neighbourhood 

It takes time to feel as though you’re part of a community. The best way to start is to simply look into your local community programs. Find out where your favourite hobbies are located. Maybe it’s a class you’d love to take to learn a new skill, or a volunteering opportunity you’re interested in. Getting engaged with your neighbourhood is a great way to meet new people and take a vested interest in your home.  


New places are unfamiliar, but with a little preparing and planning, you can feel at home quickly and easily. Have you ever had to relocate to a new city or town? Have you gotten to know your neighbours and neighbourhood? At Lancaster Homes, our communities are built in up-and-coming communities with lots of potential. See where our homes are being built by visiting our website