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The Best Outdoor Patios in Niagara

A great view can be difficult to come by. A great dining experience can be a rarity. Yet in Niagara—long considered a picturesque must-see destination for visitors and residents alike—both are possible in the most extraordinary ways. For Lancaster Homes’ Lyon’s Creek residents, a superb summer meal with a glorious view of the Niagara landscape, the Niagara River or the famous falls is just one of the many great advantages of living in this incredible region. Whether you’re planning on making Niagara your home or visiting it this summer, take a look at some of our favourite outdoor patios this summer.


Restaurant Pearl Morissette

3953 Jordan Rd, Jordan Station

Welcome to a wonderous fine dining experience. Restaurant Pearl Morissette is a 30-minute drive from Lyon’s Creek and a truly unforgettable meal. Their ambitious menu utilizes regional ingredients to great effect, infusing the delicate nature of French cuisine into every dish. Their covered patio is cozy, warm and effortlessly upscale, with gorgeous views of the Niagara region landscape and the local greenspace surrounding the area. Their restaurant is only part of Pearl Morissette’s charm, as their winery offers its sophisticated blend of vintages to enjoy. Well worth an evening out to embark on this extraordinary culinary experience—you will be grateful that you did.

Lakehouse Restaurant

3100 N Service Rd, Vineland Station

This classic Niagara establishment was formerly a prominent home but today is one of Niagara’s best dining experiences, for its food and service as well as its remarkable view of Lake Ontario. With a comfortable ease and charm, this is the perfect place to visit on summer afternoons or evenings, where you can taste its incredible dishes and regional vintages, bask in a beautiful view and experience a bit of history all at once (did you know the house that is now the restaurant, is said to be one of the first stops for the Underground Railway?).

Megalomaniac Wines

3930 Cherry Ave, Vineland

Megalomaniac Wines is a renowned winery, famous for its signature label featuring the silhouette of a distinguished gentleman in a suit or uniform. Their dining and all-weather patio experience are just as sophisticated, with views of Vineland in Niagara over delicious sips of their newest wine offerings. Their menu is bold yet casual, with delicious bites for every sensibility. Great food, fabulous wine and one of the best views in the region, Megalomaniac lives up to their heir own words: “Audacious nosh. Over the top tipples. Grandiose vineyard views.”

Two Sisters Vineyards

240 John St E, Niagara-on-the-Lake

You haven’t had an Ontario wine experience until you’ve visited Two Sisters Vineyard in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The vineyard is grand and elegant, with its unique wine offerings, tastings and a spectacular restaurant, Kitchen 76. Their patio is surrounded by palatial columns that match beautifully with the estate, overlooking the vineyard. The outdoor seating is generous, withs ample space, perfectly landscaped with colourful flowers and trees. The patio also extends onto the grass for added seating, giving wine tasters and restaurant-goers a front row seat to the rows of grapes growing along the property. This is an elegant but down-to-earth patio dining experience that is growing more popular every year. Tip: we recommended their uncorked chardonnay!

Ravine Estate Winery

1366 York Rd, St. Davids

Sprawling vineyards set against an outdoor patio—what more can you want this summer? Ravine Estate Winery is a perennial favourite for locals and tourists, boasting an assortment of incredible vintages and delicious wood-fire pizzas (plus a delectable seasonal menu that never disappoints). The views of its vineyard are peaceful and beautiful, and their patio is great for a casual visit or a formal occasion (and it’s inviting for your whole family). This is definitely a location not to be missed.


From vineyard-side views to the magnificence of Horseshow Falls, our favourite outdoor patios are certain to make your Niagara experience unforgettable. A great view, delicious libations and amazing food are the key to any incredible patio experience this summer.



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