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How to Optimize your Condo Balcony

You’ve been dreaming of transforming your condo interiors at Charing Cross into the perfect urban living space. But what about your balcony? Designing a small balcony with purpose doesn’t have to be overwhelming, with a myriad of options and ideas ripe for discovery. In a year where spending time outdoors has become valuable, transforming your condo patio into your personal outdoor paradise is a great way to spend more time outside and enjoy the views of Kedron Dells or the ravineHere are a few ways to optimize your condo balcony and make the most of your outdoor space. 

Add Warmth to your Balcony 

Most condo balconies are blank canvases—intimate spaces housing a great viewHowever with a little imagination, you can make your condo patio feel warm, cozy and welcoming. To add that homey feel, try temporary wood floor decking or even more temporary, outdoor rugs! Once the floor is taken care of, add natural and renewable materials throughout your furniture and design: teak, mahogany or rattan will do nicely. Add in cushions, pillows, blankets and of course, warm outdoor lighting and you’ve transformed your outdoor space from cold to cozy. 

Choose Your Furniture 

Many stores sell curated and trendy condo-sized outdoor furniture. Look for small dining sets like a simple and classic bistro setup, a scaled-down sectional or bench that you can push up against the wall, a comfortable corner chair or a drop-leaf table. Creating an outstanding outdoor oasis is all about what function you’d like your patio to fulfill. You can also go the extra mile and implement exotic themes, like Scandinavian design using rattan, that’s both relaxing and chic or rustic hyacinth furniture harkening back to 1940’s French Riviera. Let your outdoor furniture take you to places you never thought possible!


Colour Your World 

When you’re creating your perfect condo balcony space, why not experiment with colour? Adding colour to your patio will create a friendly and inviting atmosphere and is fairly simple to change if you grow tired of it. Add in bright throw pillows, rugs, potted plants and outdoor décor accessories to really make your outdoor space feel like home. 


Create Ambiance with Lighting 

Nothing says good vibes like warm lighting. LED string lights and lanterns can make or break a beautiful evening patio and create that treasured ambient glow. Delicate string lights can be draped across railings or hung along the walls, lanterns can be placed in corners or side tables and never underestimate the power of good old-fashioned candles (bonus points for natural soothing scents like citronella). Want to be more eco-conscious? Opt for solar power bulbs that power up during daylight and shine brightly when the stars come out. 


Go Green 

Have a green thumb? You can transform your balcony into your very own urban jungle. Utilize your railing by installing flower boxes, pot a few herbs in planters, add a potted ficus tree—the sky’s the limit (especially when you’re high up in the clouds). Plants not only infuse your balcony with colour, they lend a tropical look and feel and contribute to privacy.  


Design for Privacy 

Speaking of privacy, if you feel exposed relaxing on your patio, there are several options for making your outdoor space feel more secluded and private. Tall trees or climbing plants can offer some aesthetic relief but so can privacy screens, rolled bamboo panels, durable curtains or adjustable shades. Use whichever method works best for your budget and aesthetic, opting for materials that can make your patio feel natural, cozy and safe. 


Now you’re ready to design your ideal condo patio at Charing Cross! Imagine cozying up with a great book in your favourite chair or eating dinner al fresco while gazing out at the views of Kedron Dells golf course or the tranquil ravine. Envision twilight sunsets from your beautifully crafted outdoor patio. Let these condo balcony ideas inspire you to one day create the outdoor oasis of your dreams.