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How to Make Your Home Comfortable for Your Pet

When moving into a new home, there is much to consider. We often focus on making a home for ourselves, organizing and arranging to create the perfect space. But what about our furry friends? Making space for our pets is a big part of creating a home that is both unique and comfortable. Check out our tips for making your home the best it can be for both you and your best friend.


Find Their Sleep Space

It comes as no surprise that dogs spend approximately 50% of their day sleeping. The first step in creating a comforting home for your any pet is deciding where your pet will sleep and what type of space that will be. Crates are especially beneficial as a sleep space, as it creates a sense of familiarity and security, ultimately helping ease any anxiety for your pet. Crates are also versatile in your home and you can find creative ways of making them fit your décor. Dog and cat beds are also great and can easily be integrated. A soft and lush pillow in the corner of your living room can be cozy or a comfortable furniture nook can look innovative as well as relaxing. The important part is to ensure your pet is comfortable and feels safe when they’re at their most vulnerable.

Left: Phoebe (by Shannon); Right: Nyx (by Rachel) – Lancaster Homes

Bonus Ideas for your Cat: cat naps can be anywhere in your home. From under beds to cardboard boxes, check out these sleep space ideas for your feline friend.


Chow Time

This one’s simple: create an easily accessible area for your pets to eat. This area should be clean and consistent, so your pet always knows where to go when they’re hungry. This includes designing or providing dining space in your kitchen, hallways or laundry room. There are also many ways of incorporating pet dining to maintain your own home design aesthetic. You should also choose bowls and stations that are comfortable and convenient for your pet.


Left: Diesel (by Bobbie); Top Right: Coco (by Jill); Bottom Right: Riggs & Kilo (by Leslie) – Lancaster Homes

Create a Pet-Friendly Zone

While it seems inevitable our pets have free reign over much of our homes, it’s also a great idea to create specific pet-friendly areas of your home for both you and your best friend. This can include napping spaces, activity areas (especially for cats) and places for toy storage. Creating a space that’s designated for your pet can help ease any anxiety and provide a sense of familiarity and calm. This can especially come in handy when unfamiliar guests are around or during thunderstorms. Check out these ideas for creating a zone that’s all their own.


Unleash Favourable Aromas

An animal’s sense of smell is one of its most powerful senses. For anxious pets, catering to their sense of smell is a great way to make them feel comfortable in unfamiliar settings or ease any anxiety. For pet owners moving to a new home or for new owners introducing a new environment to your furry pal, you can try pleasing and calming scents like ginger, coconut, peppermint, lavender, camomile and more. In addition, your own scent can be an effective comfort, as the scent of familiarity triggers a brain response in dogs in particular, allowing them to feel safe and secure. From leaving behind a worn sweater or used pillowcase or engaging in aromatherapy for your dog or cat, you can’t deny, “the nose, knows.”


Left: Pepper (by Sophie); Right: Winston (by Carmela) – Lancaster Homes

Play Music

Did you know your pets listen to music? The science is clear: pets (especially dogs and cats) benefit from certain types of music. Animals are incredibly responsive to auditory factors and triggers, it’s what helps them to survive in the wild. For our pets at home, playing music has shown fantastic results in easing anxiety, loneliness, stress, boredom or hyperactivity. This means less barking and pacing and lower respiratory rates which can negatively affect the health of our pets. So what type of music works? Studies show a variety is good, with classical music initially proving to be effective. But dogs in particular also respond to reggae, so Bob Marley might be your new go-to during the next loud thunderstorm. You can also check out Relax My Dog for additional resources and calming sound materials.


From food bowls and aromatherapy to cat naps and dog tunes, making your home comfortable for your pets should be fun and simple (and still look incredible in your new home). Let us know how your furry friends are living their best life on social: Instagram & Facebook.



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