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Discover Charing Cross Condos: A Fusion of Nature and Urban Luxury in Oshawa

Discover Charing Cross Condos: A Fusion of Nature and Urban Luxury in Oshawa

Oshawa has grown to be the largest city in the Durham Region, boasts a rich industrial heritage, and continues to be a hub for manufacturing and commerce. Yet, beyond its industrial prowess, Oshawa showcases a splendid natural landscape that beckons explorers and nature enthusiasts alike. The city is graced with wildlife reserves, expansive parks, picturesque biking paths, and a relaxing beach, offering an array of outdoor adventures for residents and visitors.

Amidst this natural beauty lies the burgeoning gem of North Oshawa— the esteemed Charing Cross Condos, a testament to modern urban living seamlessly blended with the tranquillity of nature. Lancaster Homes’ Charing Cross Condos community embodies a lifestyle enriched by verdant greenspaces and top-notch amenities. It is a premier choice for those seeking a vibrant and upscale way of life. Neighbouring the Kedron Park and Kedron Dells Golf Club, Charing Cross Condos harmoniously combines the allure of a natural environment with easy accessibility to urban conveniences and a swift commute to Toronto. The intimate 4-storey condominium building, with 110 residences, is designed to merge contemporary elegance with earthy hues and organic elements that pay homage to the surrounding landscape and community.


Construction Update: Milestone Achieved – Roof Topped! (August 17th)

Lancaster Homes hit a major milestone in August—the roof of Charing Cross Condos was successfully topped! The industry and our work family gathered for this exciting site visit and celebrated with an alfresco lunch, marking a crucial step toward project completion. A few more crucial steps on the roof and it will be completed; roof slab, roof trusses, and sheathing! The building’s structure is nearly finished, allowing us to shift our focus to intricate design elements.

Exciting updates within the building include drywall installation on parts of the first floor, progress on the exterior stone skirt, beginning of brickwork, and most windows have been installed. The next stages involve constructing partitions within the suites, followed by essential installations such as flooring, cabinetry, bathtubs, and glass showers. Simultaneously, outside of the suites, our designer has curated a selection of amenity tiles, fireplaces, flooring, and special wall finishes, ensuring a unique touch for the Charing Cross Condos project. We can’t wait to welcome our homeowners to this fantastic development!


Lancaster Homes Vision: Design & Aesthetics

The Building

Starting with a focus on the intention behind the design, the Charing Cross Condos project was envisioned as more than just another building. The intention was to design and build a place that harmonized with its landscape, while blending seamlessly into the natural beauty that surrounds it. Imagine a structure that’s not just bricks and panels but a thoughtful creation, an architectural marvel envisioned to pay homage to the breathtaking backdrop. All of the exterior finished are a deliberate choice to ensure the condos complemented the neighbouring lush golf course, the tall trees, and the serene ravine with its flowing stream.

The Interiors

The designers for Charing Cross Condos were all about bringing nature’s charm indoors. Drawing inspiration from the condo’s location, they envisioned a design that seamlessly integrates natural elements within the living spaces. The goal was to create an indoor haven that echoes the beauty of the outdoors, making it feel like a cozy, nature-inspired retreat right at home.

The Lobby

Welcome to the inviting lobby of Charing Cross Condos, where natural beauty meets modern design. The calming, earthy tones and oversized windows infuse the space with a serene ambience. The focal point is a captivating ribbon fireplace flanked by 3D louvre wood details and a sleek concrete base, embodying contemporary elegance. The high ceilings glow with modern architectural lighting, spotlighting an artful wood sculpture resembling branches and bringing nature indoors. The terrazzo inspired floor, a mosaic of creamy whites and natural browns, adds to the artistic allure, while a bronze metal screen resembling a leaf’s skeleton provides a unique backdrop, creating a play of shadows as you move around. Every element in this lobby is a tribute to nature-inspired design, making you feel at home.

The Party Room

The Charing Cross Condos’ party room, an extension of the home, is open to all homeowners for entertaining, dinner parties, and creating cherished memories. The stylish bar, boasting a sleek vertical slate design, is perfect for mixing drinks, setting up a buffet, and mingling. An inviting dining table provides a formal sit-down option. At the same time, the cozy lounge area, adorned with a fireplace and ambient lighting in matching natural tones from the lobby, is an excellent place to unwind. And the beautiful walk-out feature allows the fun to spill outdoors!

Colour Selection Packages

When selecting the perfect colours and textures for a living space, striking the right balance is critical. The designer meticulously considers many options, ensuring aesthetically pleasing choices without overwhelming the new homebuyer.

Lancaster Homes offers a variety of six finished packages. These packages include three standards and three upgrades, each uniquely crafted with colours like blues, natural taupes, and greys. They are complemented by cabinetry options, quartz countertops, vinyl wood flooring planks, and porcelain tiles for the washrooms, resembling concrete or stone elements, making them an ideal choice for any homeowner seeking both style and ease of maintenance. Standard Package #2 stands out as the top choice, blending vinyl wood flooring, sleek white matte ceramic shower tiles, medium grey quartz countertops, and chrome accents, culminating in a design that appeals to the majority. See the mood board in the image below to review this popular pick! (Second column, second row)


Decor Team, Q & A with Leslie & Jill

In a recent Q&A interview, we had the pleasure of chatting with Leslie and Jill from the Decor Team about their favourite colour packages and design elements. Jill expressed a fondness for Upgrade #1, explaining, “I like the blue cabinetry, the clean and fresh look. I’m a sucker for a light and timeless quartz countertop, blue is fun for the cabinetry, and the light vinyl plank looks bright and airy!”

On the other hand, Leslie favoured Upgrade #2. “The colour package is simple and clean. Really like the industrial look for this package.”

When asked about their favourite design element of the lobby and why, Jill is “really drawn to the use of different materials on the walls, especially the ‘twig’ pieces near the ceiling. Absolutely gorgeous!”

Meanwhile, Leslie appreciated the lobby’s grandeur as it is “large, airy and has an elaborate welcome.”


A Glimpse into the Lancaster Homes and Decor Team Experience

We are thrilled to share three heartfelt testimonials below, offering insights into the exceptional experience of our recent new homebuyers with Lancaster Homes and the incredible Decor Team, Leslie and Jill.

“Working with Lancaster Homes / Charing Cross Condominiums has been a great experience overall. Most recently I have had the opportunity to work with Leslie and Jill in adding extras to the unit. They took their time and were patient with my many questions. I appreciate what the team has done thus far and am excited to take occupancy in the new year!”


“Jill was our Lancaster Representative who assisted us with the selection of the colour scheme and upgrades. Her knowledge and expertise made the process smooth and easy for us to understand. Jill went out of her way to make sure we were satisfied with all the decisions made throughout the entire process. Excellent customer service!! Thank you so much for everything and for being so awesome, you rock!”

-Claudette and Jesse

“I just wanted to say a special thank you to Jill and Leslie for all their help with assisting us at our colour appointments for our new condo! We were very unsure about purchasing a condo that had not been built yet and to buy during a pandemic added more stress. You guys made things very easy and helped us to navigate uncharted waters in a smooth and effective way. We were very happy with all the different design choices we had for finishes and that process was made very easy as well. We’re really excited about taking possession in 2024. Can’t wait!”