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Creating the Perfect Home Office

Pine River Woodlands – Lancaster Homes

Home is where your heart is. For many, home is also where your work is. Your home is a place where your family comes together, where your day-to-day takes place and where memories are made and cherished. Yet amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were forced to integrate their work-life into their home and with that comes the arrival of the home office. A command centre, a place of refuge, your realm for concentration and productivity. Working from home is here to stay for many (full or part time). Read up on our tips for creating the perfect home office space.



Choose your home office location carefully. You will need a place that is quiet but convenient. Think about any street noise you can hear through your windows or if your family members use the space daily. Placing your home office in a high-traffic area in your home (i.e. near the family room or kitchen) might be distracting. Conversely, if you have small children at home, you may want to position your home office near them, whether it’s putting your office beside their playroom or bedroom, so that you can keep a close eye throughout the day.


Natural Light

This is an important tip for an interior space. Having access to natural light not only makes your space feel brighter, happier and nicer but it also invigorates you. Letting in a little vitamin D is good for your overall mood and health and aids your eyesight because the space is automatically brighter. More natural light and less artificial light will help you to feel positive during your workday and it has the added benefit of lowering your electric costs.


Select Your Furniture

This is integral to a great home office. You’ll need a comfortable chair with optimal support and if you can, ergonomic functions that are adjustable. Your back should be supported and straight, your feet should be touching the ground and your arms should be level with your desk to avoid muscle strain. Your desk should also be sturdy and comfortable. Many prefer one with drawers for storage while others prefer a minimalist and sleek table. Both are okay if they are level with your seated stance. In terms of other furniture, it’s important to keep it clean and minimal where you can and take steps to avoid too much clutter and cramped space. This takes us to…


Avoid Clutter

From loose paper to errant power cords to too much furniture and items in the space, your home office should be orderly and clean to promote a productive and peaceful mindset. Too much paper? Consider going paperless where you can. For furniture, have a comfortable seating arrangement and workspace and avoid too many other furniture pieces such as end tables, additional chairs, storage etc. It’s important to have the necessities but not go overboard. Lastly, minimalist décor is a trend that continues and it’s perfect for home offices. Eliminate clutter on desks and shelves, hide long power cords that only get in the way and infuse your space with small, non-distracting items that still tell the story of you and your personality but are not overwhelming to the eye (and distracting to you while you work).


Cohesive Design

When decorating your home office, one suggestion we stand by is allowing your space to blend in with your décor, creating a cohesive design throughout your home. Your style choices should be complementary to the nearby areas, with wall colours seamlessly blending from room to room. Décor should also have a similar colour palette, with everything maintained in harmonious fashion.


From interior design to productivity, your home office should be a calm, orderly and ultimately, happy place. A home office should be easy to maintain and free from additional stresses. If you have a home office in need of a facelift, let us know your favourite tip on social! Instagram & Facebook.


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