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Contemporary Elegance: The Story Behind River’s Edge Homes in Wasaga

Contemporary Elegance: The Story Behind River’s Edge Homes in Wasaga

Aerial of Wasaga Beach

Along the picturesque shores of Georgian Bay lies the stunning gem of Wasaga Beach, renowned for its pristine, white sandy shoreline and well-deserved distinction as being the longest freshwater beach in the world. This captivating location in southern Ontario has not only been a coveted summer destination but has also evolved into a thriving year-round community. Families seeking a change in lifestyle and a seamless blend of work and play are increasingly choosing this enchanting locale as their new home. Among those recognizing the allure of Wasaga Beach is Lancaster Homes, a trusted name in the homebuilding industry.

In June 2021, Lancaster Homes unveiled the project and began constructing its first phase, releasing 63 exquisite lots to the eager market. The response has been so overwhelming that it can be described as a near sell-out.

When initiating this project, Lancaster Homes had a clear vision in mind – to incorporate modern design trends. They astutely observed a growing preference for alternative materials in home construction, leading to a design that seamlessly merges the modern farmhouse aesthetic with contemporary elements. River’s Edge, as a result, is an astonishing fusion of brick and stone with vinyl and metal, where unique proportions and a diverse palette of colours culminate in a visually striking collection of homes.


Sketch Bluewater C

The unparalleled success of River’s Edge can be attributed to the thoughtful integration of traditional and contemporary design elements, paying homage to Wasaga Beach’s rich history while meeting the evolving desires of modern living environments. The utilization of various materials provides the best of both worlds: traditional brick and stone offer warmth and classic appeal, while vinyl and metal bring a fresh, modern twist, reflecting the diverse tastes of new homeowners.

Among the standout features of the homes at River’s Edge is the inclusion of large, expansive windows. These architectural marvels not only flood the interior spaces with an abundance of natural light but also offer breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty. Residents can immerse themselves in the changing seasons, from the vibrant colours of summer to the serene tranquillity of winter, right from the comfort of their homes. It’s a design element that seamlessly brings the outdoors inside and connects homeowners with the stunning landscapes that Wasaga Beach is known for.


Rendering Springhurst B

As construction at River’s Edge progresses steadily, the Lancaster Homes team remains unwaveringly dedicated to delivering the project on time, with an anticipated completion date of late summer 2024/ early fall 2024. Throughout the construction process, the sales and décor teams continue to stand by, providing valuable support to buyers with pre-delivery inspections (PDI) and design choices. Their commitment ensures that each homeowner’s vision for their dream beach community residence is brought to life with impeccable attention to detail.


Exterior, Freshwater C

To further enhance the experience for new home buyers, Lancaster Homes has introduced an exciting choice for customizing their dream homes. Contemporary and classic colour boards and packages have been meticulously curated, offering many options that allow homeowners to personalize their spaces with sophistication. These tailored choices add an extra layer of distinction to the already remarkable homes in River’s Edge, ensuring that each residence becomes a unique reflection of its owner’s taste and style. This added element of personalization highlights Lancaster Homes’ commitment to crafting not just houses but dream homes for their valued customers, making Wasaga Beach’s River’s Edge an even more enticing place to call home. You’ll cherish every moment, whether starting a new chapter or embracing the advantages of living in a community like no other.