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Choosing an Inventory Home is a Great Idea. Here Are 5 Reasons Why!

There are a ton of benefits to inventory homes, from the obvious (you can move in immediately, without waiting for construction to be finished) to the not-so-obvious (hello, free upgrades!). Home seekers sometimes hesitate to choose an inventory home because a big part of the fun in buying a new home is getting to select the features and finishes and to customize your home; but in bypassing inventory homes, you’re missing out on some major benefits that are way more exciting than picking out your own backsplash.

Considering buying an inventory home? Here are the top 5 reasons why it’s a great idea:

#1. No Waiting: Move in Now!

Inventory homes are often called move-in-ready homes for a reason – they’re ready to go! This is a huge convenience if you want to move into a new home ASAP. With pre-construction home purchases, there are many months and sometimes even years between the time you sign your Agreement of Purchase & Sale and the day you actually move in. An inventory home is definitely the way to go whether you’re going through a work move or are just ready to move right now.

#2. Get All the Benefits of a New Home

When you buy an inventory home, you’ll get nearly all the benefits of a new home without any of the disadvantages. (Read our blog post Why Buying a New Home Is Better to learn more about the benefits of buying a new home versus a resale home!)

As a quick summary, the advantages of a new home include:

  • They’re better designed! New homes typically include modern floor plans with multi-purpose rooms, open-concept spaces and plenty of storage space. They’re also much more likely to include large windows due to newer technologies.
  • You can choose your builder. With a new home, you know exactly what you’re getting – and you can research and choose your builder based on their reputation and track record.
  • Peace of mind provided by the new home warranty from Tarion. This extended coverage provides protection against various home defects.
  • Increased savings due to smarter construction. New homes are more energy-efficient due to advances in air-sealing, insulation, energy-efficient appliances and more.
  • More comfort due to better heating and ventilation systems, among other features. New homes boast cleaner air and more consistent temperature control, resulting in a more comfortable environment for you and your family.
  • A community lifestyle with a walkable, pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood and amenities like community parks, playgrounds, pathways, recreational spaces and more.

#3. Enjoy a Low-Stress Experience

Home seekers may become anxious when buying a pre-construction new home because you can’t see exactly what you’re getting and you have to make a ton of decisions along the way. You’re paying a lot of money based on a floor plan, a site plan and a builder’s word.

With an inventory home, you can physically see exactly what you’re getting before you pay for it. You can walk the home and examine it closely before making your decision. This also helps in getting a better feel for the floor plan and design, and in making sure that it suits your and your family’s needs and lifestyle.

Buying an inventory home also contributes to a stress-free experience – or at least a low-stress one – because it takes away the burden of choice. Have you ever wished that a restaurant’s multiple-page menu just had fewer options? Or that the chef would come out from the kitchen and recommend his favourite dish? With an inventory home, this is effectively what happens. Your home comes with a colour scheme, countertops, flooring and more that are all pre-selected – by an interior design professional! While it may seem fun to choose all the finishes for your new home, the sheer number of details and specifications often becomes overwhelming.

#4. Move Into an Established Neighbourhood

When you buy an inventory home, odds are that the community you’re buying in is already well under construction, or even nearing completion. This means that the neighbourhood will be well-established. Families will already live there, so you can meet your neighbours and maybe even make a new friend. There will be less noise, dust and inconvenience due to ongoing construction. And the community will already be coming to life, with gatherings, trees, gardens and more.

#5. Benefit from Great Cost Savings and Value

Inventory homes often offer great cost savings and value. Pre-construction homes are more expensive because you have to account for appreciation of your money – inventory homes offer more bang for your buck. Inventory homes also often come with free upgrades and included extras. Inventory homes are a great deal. Take advantage!

Inventory homes have so many great benefits – skip the wait, skip the stress and start decorating! Explore our inventory homes at Charing Cross in North Oshawa, Lyon’s Creek in Chippawa, Pine River in Angus and Simcoe Landing in Keswick.

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