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7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree for Your New House

A Holiday Christmas tree – with its lights, tinsel, and unique assortment of ornaments collected over the years – is an old tradition that dates back centuries. Big or small, real or fake, decorated in all the kids’ handmade crafts or sleek and uniform with matching bulbs, trees are a cheery and fun part of the holidays. Picking out and decorating your tree can also be a great family activity and yearly tradition and is an option available close to most of our new home communities.

If you’d like to get a real tree for your new home this year, read on for our top 7 tips for finding the perfect one:


1. Take some measurements 

First things first: figure out how big a tree you can fit in the space you have designated for it. Measure how high the ceiling is, then subtract the height of your tree stand and whatever topper you plan to put on the tree. Clear the space where you’ll put the tree and measure the depth as well.

2. Know your trees

There are many different kinds of Christmas trees – do you know which one you prefer? Four of the main varieties available, which we’ll see below at local tree farm Drysdale’s, are Fraser firs, Balsam firs, Scots pines and white spruces. Here’s a quick breakdown of these popular coniferous types:

Fraser fir
Fraser firs have a pleasing pyramid shape and branches that turn slightly upward, making them ideal for hanging ornaments. They have excellent needle retention, a good aroma, and attractive dark blue-green needles, making them one of the most popular Christmas tree types. You can read more and see photos of the Fraser fir on the Ontario Farm Grown Christmas Trees website.

Balsam fir
Quite similar to Fraser firs, Balsam firs have long-lasting deep green needles and a uniform pyramid shape that comes to a narrow top. Balsam firs are known for retaining their pleasing scent and for being hardy and enduring, so they’re another popular choice. They work well with lighter ornaments. Learn more here.

Scots pine
Scots pines are actually THE #1 most popular Christmas tree in Canada. They’re thick, hardy trees that are bright green and have round shapes that are fun to decorate. Like the firs, they hold their needles well and stay fresh. Scots pines can have tough and pointy needles, however, so they may not be best if you have small children or pets. Read more here.

White spruce
These dark green trees are an attractive Christmas tree choice. They’re dense and proportional, and have branches that hold ornaments well. They also have a nice aroma when their needles are crushed. Read more about white spruces here.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these popular choices. Just head to the farm to see the different varieties in person if you’re not sure.

3. Decide on freshly-cut vs. cutting your own tree

If you know ahead of time whether you’ll be cutting down your own tree, you can gear up accordingly. Bring warm gloves and clothing so you can trek through the farm in search of the perfect tree. Cutting down your own tree does require a bit of physical labour – you’ll have to cut the tree down at its base using a saw. If that sounds like too much, you can choose from a selection of pre-cut trees.

4. Bring the right tools 

Mostly this means to remember your measuring tape. If you’re cutting your own tree, many tree farms will provide the cutting saw and will help you load your tree onto your vehicle. Call first to know what to expect.

5. Plan to visit a local tree farm

Take advantage of your new home’s setting, and try to get your tree locally. Local farms give you the opportunity to choose and cut down your own tree (a great family activity that kids will love!), while also offering the freshest and healthiest trees.

Many tree farms have a huge selection of Fraser and Balsam firs, Scots pines and white spruces.

6. Cut down (or choose) your tree 

Choose and cut your perfect tree from the local tree farm.  Many farms also offer tractor-drawn wagons to transport your tree, hot refreshments and other Holiday features.

7. Have fun while you’re there! 

Always remember the importance of tree safety, and of taking care of your tree – here are some Christmas tree care tips, as well as some additional tips from Drysdale’s a local tree farm near our Pine River New Home Community.

No matter where you get your tree or other Holiday decoration or tradition, enjoy the experience of celebrating with family and friends this holiday season.

 Happy Holidays from Lancaster Homes!