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10 Interior Design Trends You Need to Leave in 2019

With a New Year (and a new decade!) before us, it’s a great time to take stock of our homes. Is your home feeling a bit dated and in need of a refresh? If so, read on to make sure that your home is as ready for 2020 as you are.

Here are 10 interior design trends that we recommend leaving in 2019:

#1: Millenial pink

Interior designers, fashion editors and graphic designers have obsessed over this shade for years. But it’s time to let this trendy hue go. More mature options include warm neutrals like pewter, grey, beige, taupe, ivory or lilac. Benjamin Moore’s 2020 colour of the year also offers a refreshing, grown-up version of millennial pink – First Light is a gorgeous blush hue that’s pink without being too pink.

#2: All-white kitchens

All-white kitchens have been all the rage for a few years, but 2020 is the year to leave them behind. The all-white look can feel sterile and cold. Instead, opt for a kitchen with some colour and personality. Painting your cupboards or including a fun light fixture or colourful artwork can make all the difference.

#3: Generic artwork

Stop buying basic, standard artwork from stores with mass-produced pieces. You don’t want your home to look the same as your neighbours’, so look for original pieces of art that light you up and suit your style. Student art shows and art fairs are great places to explore the works of local artists and to find affordable pieces.

 #4: Brass everything

 The all-brass look is getting old. Instead of opting for brass everything, try incorporating mixed metals – think gold, copper, silver, tin, iron and chrome. Using a mix of polished and matte materials can also bring a fresh look to your home in 2020. A good rule of thumb is to keep the mixed metals to about three metals per space, to avoid creating a busy look.

#5: Uber minimalism

 Minimalism has had its moment. The less-is-more approach can offer clean, refreshing spaces that are calming and zen-like, but minimalist interior design can also feel sparse and lacking in personality. Do your Marie Kondo home cleanse, but don’t go overboard!

2020 is all about maximalism. Have some fun! Bright colours, bold patterns like geometrics and florals, and lively artwork are all having a major moment in the new year.

 #6: Bar carts

 The classic bar cart is so 2019. Replace your trendy bar cart with a bookcase or console that serves the same purpose to give your home a more grounded, balanced and mature vibe.

#7: Gallery walls

Everyone loves a good gallery wall, but they’ve become so common that they’re almost a cliché. They can also look cluttered and uninspired. Focus on standout artwork and unique pieces for a more inspired look.

#8: Fake plants

Sure they look nice, but fake plants always end up looking dusty and they don’t bring the same vibrancy that real plants do. Real plants are also magical – did you know that they can improve indoor air quality and make a space feel fresh? Check out our tips on how to choose the best indoor plants for your space.

#9: Perfection

Perfection is out, and wabi-sabi, patina and imperfection are in. Let go of trying to create a perfect space and embrace ease and comfort. Fill your space with the things you love, and enjoy it!

#10: Following interior design rules

Your home is your space and you should decorate it how you like! Was there something on this list that you love and can’t wait to incorporate into your home décor in 2020? Or something you refuse to get rid of? Then we say keep it! Rules are made to be broken, right?

Thanks for reading! What’s the interior design trend you think needs to stay behind in 2019? Let us know in the comments section. And make sure to LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Instagram for the latest news and updates, as well as for fun homeowner tips, beautiful home photos and more.