ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes

Benefits of Owning an ENERGY STAR Qualified Home**

You can be assured that your ENERGY STAR qualified new home has been built to strict technical specifications by a licensed ENERGY STAR for New Homes builder and that it has been verified by an independent energy evaluator to ensure state-of-the-art performance. You will benefit from it in a variety of ways.

Lower cost

You will be pleased to see the monthly energy savings in an ENERGY STAR qualified new home. If you pay a mortgage, these savings will more than compensate for any additional costs that may be charged initially for the energy-saving features.

Improved air quality = health and comfort.

Air movement in your house, especially in winter, causes drafts that make you feel uncomfortable. You will quickly notice the difference in an ENERGY STAR qualified home. Higher levels of air tightness and a heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) give you a greater sense of coziness as they keep indoor air fresh and maintain humidity at the level you find comfortable.

Less energy expended = fewer pollutants.

Homes account for 17 percent of all energy use in Canada. As ENERGY STAR qualified homes are more energy-efficient than standard code built houses, they can help reduce air pollution and lessen other environmental problems, such as climate change.

**Source: Natural Resources Canada
The ENERGY STAR name and the ENERGY STAR symbol are registered trademarks of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are used with permission.
*Our new homes built in Simcoe Landing and Eastbourne Estates are Energy Star Qualified homes.