Lancaster Homes Green Advantage

Lancaster Homes is proud to build ENERGY STAR® Qualified Homes*

The Energy Star® label ensures that your home has been built to meet energy efficient guidelines. ENERGY STAR for New Homes is an initiative of Natural Resources Canada. EnerQuality Corporation is one of the organizations that promotes this initiative in Ontario. As a participant builder, Lancaster Homes must adhere to strict guidelines and standards for Energy Star community homes and is subject to third-party verification and government audit.


  • Lower Energy Costs: Considerable savings in energy costs.
  • Comfort: Overall quieter, warmer in winter & cooler in summer with superior temperature balance between rooms and optimized moisture levels.
  • Health: Supply of fresh air provided by the accompanying HRV (Heat Recovery and Ventilation) system.
  • Value: Higher resale value**
  • Quality Construction: Better quality construction to achieve minimum air leakage and use of more efficient systems.
  • Environmental: An ENERGY STAR® qualified home releases less greenhouse gases per year which contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Lancaster Green Advantage House WrapHow Lancaster Homes Achieves This Performance***

  • Exterior: All exterior walls are wrapped in a membrane that serves as a continuous air moisture barrier, reduces air leakage and heat loss.
  • Windows: Energy Star® labelled, low E coating, Argon gas filled windows and sliding doors block up to 60% of summer heat, retain the warm air in the winter and reduce condensation. Additionally, gaps between the windows and home framing are filled with foam insulation to further reduce the possibility of air leakage.
  • Ventilation: The Heat Recovery Ventilation System (HRV) system brings in fresh outdoor air, recovers over 60% of lost heat, exhausts excessive moisture and delivers fresh air to the home.
  • Ductwork: All exposed heat conduit joints in the basement are sealed with a sealant tape. This ensures air circulated by the HVAC system reaches all rooms at the intended force and temperature.
  • Heating: Due to reduced overall heat loss, Energy Star® qualified homes generally require a lower output furnace that is smaller and quieter than non-qualified homes. Furthermore, the furnaces are of a “higher efficiency” leading to increased savings in utilities.
  • Water Heater: We install a 90% thermal efficiency gas water heater that provides a higher hot water output than standard 78% efficient water heaters.
  • Lights: Compact fluorescent lights are used throughout (except strip lighting over vanities) which provide good quality light while being more energy efficient with considerable savings in electricity.
  • Air TightnessIn addition to the exterior wrap, all electrical boxes inside the house on the exterior walls are PVC made units, specifically designed to prevent air leakage.
    The home is then subjected to an air penetration test by a qualified Energy Star® inspector – licensed by Natural Resources Canada – to ensure air penetration meets Energy Star® standards. Homes built to OBC standards are not subject to this test.
* Our new homes built in Simcoe Landing and Eastbourne Estates are Energy Star qualified.
** As per Natural Resources Canada and EnerQuality Corporation.
*** Applicable to homes built as Energy Star Qualified only. Lancaster Homes reserves the right to trade off the specifications herein as permitted by EnerQuality Corporation.

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